CRISPRevolution Synthetic RNA Advantage

Up to 90% Editing Efficiency

CRISPRevolution optimized guide RNA enables gene editing and gene knockout of up to 90% efficiency in cells.

4X Faster Transfection Readiness

Transfection readiness time reduced from weeks down to days. Up to 4X faster compared to plasmid.

80% Lower Cost Solution

Up to 80% lower cost compared to alternatives from leading competitors and ships in 3 to 5 days.

CRISPR Applications

Applications of CRISPR technology include drug development,gene therapy, agriculture, animal modeling, biofuel and more.


High Quality sgRNA for CRISPR Therapeutics

Full Length 100mer

Up to 90% Efficient

High Throughput

80% Lower Cost

No Annealing

3 to 5 Days to Ship

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Trusted by Scientists

Customers around the globe depend on Synthego products for CRISPR genome engineering and research. Synthego is also collaborating with many of the top life sciences universities to conduct CRISPR research in stem cells, primary human cells and mouse embryos.


110% Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us. We understand how valuable your research is, and that’s why we guarantee CRISPRevolution synthetic RNA meets all specifications.

If not, we’ll make it right and credit your account with an additional 10%.

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