Resources to help scientists around the world conduct successful CRISPR genome editing experiments

CRISPR Calendar

Day 1: CRISPR Survey

December 1st
A survey that looks at the state of CRISPR research.


Day 2: CRISPR 101

December 2nd
This free eBook download discusses the basics of CRISPR genome editing.

Day 3: 90% Editing Efficiency

December 5th
This on-demand webinar profiles successful CRISPR experiments.

Day 4: Design Tools

December 6th
A profile of 4 popular CRISPR design tools and where to find them.

Day 5: Lunch & Learn

December 7th
Enter to win one of 10 lunch & learns where we’ll host a pizza lunch at your lab.


Day 6: SynBioBeta Raffle

December 8th
Enter to win a free full conference pass to a SynBioBeta event in 2017.


Day 7: Genome Engineer Shirt

December 9th
Be the first 100 people to receive a free Synthego Genome Engineer T-Shirt.


Day 8: Synthetic RNA Info Kit

December 12th
Everything you need to know about synthetic RNA for CRISPR.

Day 9: CRISPR Protocols

December 13th
Looking for guidance on transfection protocols? Look no further than these guides.

Day 10: State of CRISPR Webinar

December 14th
Join us as we review and analyze the results of the “State of CRISPR” survey.

Day 11: Successful Experiments

December 15th
This How To guide is your recipe book for conducting successful CRISPR experiments.

Day 12: CRISPR Research Grants

December 16th
We’re giving away $100,000 of research grants to CRISPR scientists and researchers.


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