CRISPRevolution Advantages


Synthego combines the best of engineering, science and manufacturing into an optimized process that ensures the quality and fast turnaround of the CRISPRevolution product family.

Our proprietary methods enable Synthego to offer its products at the lowest cost in the industry. Compared to similar products in the market, our prices are up to 80% lower!

Up to 90% Editing Efficiency

Synthego’s precision and quality control process produces optimized guide RNA This enables gene editing and gene knockout to achieve up to 90% efficiency in cells.

Ready 4X Faster

Synthego’s synthetic RNA process reduces CRISPR/Cas9 transfection readiness time from weeks down to days, up to 4X compared to plasmid cloning methods.

80% Less Cost

CRISPRevolution is up to 5 times more cost effective than synthetic alternatives, and requires far less lab time compared to plasmid and IVT methods.