Free Modified Synthetic sgRNA for CRISPR

Get 3 Genome Editing Targets*

Limited Time Offer

Synthego’s modified synthetic single guide RNA (sgRNA) generates the highest editing efficiencies (up to 97%) and arrives ready for transfection. Compare against your current reagents, such as plasmid, IVT, synthetic cr:tracrRNA and get these amazing results for yourself.

What We Provide
– 3 targets: 3 tubes of modified sgRNA (3 nmol/tube by OD260)
– TE Buffer and Nuclease-free water
– Material for 10 to 20 transfections per target sequence
– Ready for RNP formation and transfection; no annealing required

What You Supply
– 17-23nt Target Sequences
S. pyogenes Cas9 (e.g. purified nuclease, mRNA, plasmid)

– Limited to a single order of 3 sgRNAs per organization
– Cannot be combined with other discounts or prior promotions
– Shipping, VAT and duties not included
– Synthego reserves the right to disqualify requests
– Limited time only; subject to change without notice


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