Free Modified Synthetic sgRNA for CRISPR

Up to 3 Genome Editing Targets*

Simply provide your target sequences, arrives ready for transfection.

Limited Time Offer

Synthego’s modified synthetic single guide RNA (sgRNA) is the purest synthetic sgRNA on the market. It arrives ready for transfection and produces the highest editing efficiency and consistency. Compare against plasmid, IVT, 2-part synthetic and see the amazing results for yourself.

Modified Synthetic sgRNA Kit for CRISPR:
– 3 targets: 3 tubes of modified sgRNA (3 nmol/tube by OD260)
– User provides 17-22nt target sequence
– Immediately ready for RNP formation and transfection; no annealing required
– Includes TE Buffer and Nuclease-free water
– Enough for 10 to 20 transfections per target sequence

Please Note:
If you are using stem cells, challenging cell lines such as K562, A549, etc. or prokaryotic cells, please be sure to order chemically modified sgRNAs. Modified sgRNA is known to perform significantly better in those cell types. Choose “Yes” to the Modified option in the dropdown menu when adding kits to your cart.

What You’ll Need to Supply:
– Target sequences
S. pyogenes Cas9 (e.g. purified nuclease, mRNA, plasmid)


– Limited to a single order of 3 sgRNAs per organization
– Cannot be combined with other discounts or prior promotions
– Shipping, VAT and duties not included
– Synthego reserves the right to disqualify requests
– Limited time only; subject to change without notice

Any questions you have, please contact us.