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Gene Knockout Kit

Guaranteed 50% or Greater Editing Efficiency in Any Human Cell Line


Synthego’s Gene Knockout Kit (GKO) elevates and simplifies your experience in generating a knockout human cell line.

The GKO is the only product that offers a guaranteed editing efficiency with CRISPR or your money back! We guarantee that you will see 50% or greater editing efficiency for at least one of the guide RNAs targeting your gene.

What We Provide
– 4x 600 pmol (20 µg) Target-specific sgRNA, modified
– 600 pmol (20 µg) Human RELA sgRNA, modified (positive control)
– 20 µL Human RELA Primer Mix (10 µM)
– 20 µL Human RELA Sequencing Primer (10 µM)
– 1.5 mL Nuclease-free Tris-EDTA Buffer
– 1.5 mL Nuclease-free Water
– 300 pmol Cas9 2NLS Nuclease

GKO Data
High Editing Efficiencies in Jurkat Cells




Four guide RNAs were designed per gene to knockout 3 kinases across the human genome. These were constructed as chemically modified synthetic sgRNA and electroporated into Jurkat cells. The DNA from the resulting pool of cells was analyzed by TIDE analysis, demonstrating a high editing efficiency across the board with multiple guides per gene exceeding 50% editing efficiency. This demonstrates the high editing efficiency of the guides included within the Gene Knockout Kit. See more data.

Guaranteed Editing Efficiency
Synthego manufactures high quality modified sgRNA for CRISPR-mediated genome editing and are so confident about the editing efficiency of our products, that we offer the world’s first money-back guarantee on editing efficiency for a CRISPR product. We guarantee a minimum of 50% editing efficiency for at least one of the guide RNAs targeting your gene included within the CRISPRevolution Gene Knockout Kit.

Terms & Conditions
– Limited to a single order per organization
– Cannot be combined with other discounts or prior promotions
– Shipping, VAT and duties not included (Money-back guarantee applies to all costs paid directly to Synthego)
– Synthego reserves the right to disqualify requests
– Limited time only; subject to change without notice

– The guarantee applies to all global Synthego end-users of CRISPRevolution Gene Knockout Kit. All other products are not eligible.
– Products need to be tested with Synthego reagents and protocol, as described in the user manual within 60 days of purchase.
– The money-back guarantee applies when the included positive control targeting RELA gives an editing efficiency of 50% or greater.


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