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Whether you’re a new or experienced CRISPR researcher, we have a program for you.

CRISPR Researcher

CRISPR Pioneers Program

New to CRISPR? Synthego is here to help you successfully conduct your first CRISPR experiment.

Quickly learn the basics, design a CRISPR guide in 30 seconds, and get FREE synthetic single guide RNAs.

Plus, our scientists are here to answer your questions.

Human Cell Lines

Guaranteed Editing Kit

Synthego’s Gene Knockout Kit (GKO) is the best way to ensure a successful knockout with any human cell line.

The GKO is the only product that offers a guaranteed editing efficiency with CRISPR or your money back!

You can achieve greater than 50% editing efficiency in your experiment.

All Cell Types

Free Synthetic sgRNA

Synthego’s modified synthetic sgRNA achieves editing efficiencies of up to 97% and arrives ready for transfection.

Great for knockin, knockout, or non-human cell lines, there is no better sgRNA in the market.

Compare to plasmid, IVT, 2-part cr:tracrRNA, and see for yourself.