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July 22, 2017
AgWeb: Breeding on the Fast Track

July 18, 2017 The Best Biotech Talks of the Year

July 3, 2017 From Rockets to DNA – From SpaceX to CRISPR

June 16, 2017
France 24: Crispr, des ciseaux génétiques magiques ou un danger pour l’humanité? [Video]

May 23, 2017
Biocompare: Plant Genome Editing Offers a New Path for Genetic Modification

May 16, 2017
TechCrunch: Synthego’s Paul Dabrowski Gets Sci Fi On Us [Video]

May 16, 2017
Engadget: Synthego aims to simplify CRISPR editing for genetic researchers

May 16, 2017
TechCrunch: Synthego’s genetic toolkit aims to make CRISPR more accessible

May 9, 2017
Pan European Networks: Focus: Synthetic success

April 26, 2017
TechCrunch: Synthego co-founder Paul Dabrowski is coming to Disrupt New York 2017

April 24, 2017
Chemical & Engineering News: Synthetic RNA, DNA providers tackle the oligos market

April 6, 2017
International Business Times: Gene Studies Using Crispr Challenge Older Findings; Gene-Editing Technique Popular With First-Timers

March 7, 2017
AgPro: Gene-Editing Technology Means Faster Innovation And Precise Focus

March 2, 2017
TechCrunch: How Synthego’s founders went from a mission to Mars to a mission to cure disease

March 1, 2017
BioCoder: Synthego: On the forefront of genome engineering

February 28, 2017
CenterWatch: Broad Institute in the driver’s seat following PTAB’s favorable ruling

February 13, 2017
Futurism: Editing Your DNA [Video]

January 24, 2017
Farm Journal: Ctrl, Alt, Delete to Better Yields

January 22, 2017
Nanalyze: Synthego and Synthetic Guide RNA Explained

January 6, 2017
Bio-IT World: Guide RNA Synthesis Firm Synthego Gets Investment, Vote Of Doudna Confidence

January 5, 2017
FierceBioTech: Synthego bags $41M to grow CRISPR synthetic RNA kit biz

January 4, 2017
The New York Times: Synthego Raises $41 Million From Investors, Including a Top Biochemist

January 4, 2017
Silicon Valley Business Journal: Redwood City genetics business raises $41M

December 14, 2016
International Business Times: Bioterrorism And Gene Editing: Can Crispr Tool Be Used As Biological Weapon In War?

December 13, 2016
Farm Industry News: Gene editing ahead?

December 8, 2016
News-Medical: Synthetic sgRNA for CRISPR genome editing

November/December Issue, 2016
PharmaVOICE: Trending 2017: Gene Editing

November 4, 2016
BioCentury: How Synthego’s synthetic guide RNAs could speed therapeutic use of CRISPR

November 2, 2016 真格投资的Synthego公司推出CRISPRevolution产品,用于提高基因编辑实验效率

October 26, 2016
SynBioBeta: CRISPR: The Future of Food?

October 18, 2016 真格投资 Synthego:生物技术界 SpaceX,用耶稣的剪刀改造生命

September 20, 2016
SynBioBeta: Synthego Announces First-of-its-kind CRISPR Kit

August 25, 2016
GenomeWeb: Backed by $8.3M Financing, Synthego Launches With Synthetic Guide RNAs for CRISPR/Cas9

August 15, 2016
FierceBioTech: Synthego exits stealth with CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technologies

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