Chemically Modified Synthetic RNA

Protection Against Exonuclease Activity and Immune Responses

Chemically modified sequences can provide additional RNA stability with improvements in editing efficiency by protecting against exonuclease activity and immune responses.

When editing particular cell types (e.g. stem cells, K562, prokaryotic) and certain genomic targets that are otherwise challenging to edit, chemically modified gRNAs are critical.

Essential for Primary and Stem Cells

Highest Possible Editing Efficiency

Critical for Therapeutic Applications

Chemical Structure of Synthego Modifications

The chemically modified versions of our synthetic RNA contain 2’-O-methyl analogs and 3’ phosphorothioate internucleotide linkages at the 5’ and 3’ terminal three bases of the gRNA.

Chemically modified options can be added to sgRNA, crRNA:tracrRNA and Custom RNA products.

Chemical Structure of Synthego Modifications

Chemically Modified Guide RNA in CD34+ Stem Cells

Collaboration with Stanford University

– CD34+ Human Cord Blood Cells
– RNP Formation
– Transfection: Electroporation
– Editing Efficiency Measured by TIDE Analysis

Chemically Modified Guide RNA in CD34+ Stem Cells

Synthego’s chemically modified sgRNA provides a critical tool for our CRISPR research when it comes to difficult stem cell gene targets. Our research into stem cell-based human therapeutics presents editing challenges that require the highest efficiency guides.

Andrew Scharenberg, MD, Principal Investigator Seattle Children’s Research Institute

[Synthego’s] product allows us to quickly evaluate, in a cost-effective manner, the best guide RNA to stimulate genome editing, including by homologous recombination, in therapeutically relevant human stem cells and primary human T-cells. I highly recommend them.

Matthew Porteus, MD, PhD, Principal Investigator Stanford School of Medicine

Modified 100-mer sgRNA Pricing

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sgRNA Kit (Chemically Modified)


  • Editing Efficiency +++++
  • Excellent Reproducibility
  • Primary and Stem Cells; Therapeutic Applications
  • Full Length 100-mer Single Guide
  • Your 17-20nt Target Sequence
  • No Annealing
  • Material for 10 to 20 Transfections
  • sgRNA (1 nmol)
  • TE Buffer
  • Nuclease-free Water
  • Ships in 7-10 Business Days

Plate orders only include RNA; Cas9 and buffers can be added on the Order page.


Poster Download: Improved CRISPR Editing

This poster looks at the use of synthetic sgRNAs, including chemically modified versions, for improved CRISPR editing in various cell types. Download for free to learn more.