CRISPR Design Tool

World’s Fastest & Easiest CRISPR Gene Knockout Design Tool


Choose from over 100,000 genomes and 9,000 species to easily design a CRISPR guide for gene knockout. View automatic recommendations for knockout with minimal off-target effects. See the locations of your sequence within the gene or validate guides you created with other tools. Then when you’re ready for your experiment, seamlessly order high efficiency synthetic sgRNA.

More Than 100,000 Genomes and 9,000 Species

Design Guides for Knockout in Less Than 5 Minutes

Seamless Ordering of Optimized Synthetic sgRNA

Synthego CRISPR Design Tool Benefits

100,000 Genomes
The widest selection of genomes in a CRISPR design tool eliminates need to manually curate desired genome.

Very Fast Guide Design
Cut design time from hours down to minutes. Eliminate multiple complex & manual steps in the CRISPR design process.

Integrated Guide Ordering
Seamless transition to the procurement of high-efficiency synthetic sgRNA straight from the Synthego design tool.

For All Levels of Users
Optimized user interface lowers the learning curve for novice CRISPR users while retaining advanced capabilities for experienced researchers.

Gene Knockout Recommendations
Automatically scans gene/genome locations for highest editing efficiency and lowest off-target effects, and recommends designs with a high chance of gene knockout.

Suggested PCR Primers
When you order any human gene knockout through the Design Tool, we will provide you with a list of PCR primers to use and a link to our experimental protocols, to help ensure your experiment is successful.

Easily Design and Validate CRISPR Guide RNAs for High Efficiency Gene Knockout


Editing Efficiency of MAST1 in Jurkat Cells

Four unique guide RNAs were designed using the Synthego Design Tool and chemically synthesized by Synthego as sgRNAs with chemical modifications (2’-O-methyl analogs and 3’ phosphorothioate interlinkages on the three 5’ and 3’ terminal bases). This chart measures the average editing efficiency, as measured by TIDE analysis, of the MAST1 gene in Jurkat Cells. Data represents averages of two independent experiments.

Editing Efficiency of MAST1 in Jurkat Cells

Guide Design Process Comparison

Synthego (5 Minutes) Typical (2-4 Hours)
1. Select genome / pick gene 1. Select genome / pick gene
2. Review automatic design recommendations for gene knockout 2. Select target region to edit
3. Seamlessly order guides 3. Pick and evaluate potential guide(s) to use
4. Manually analyze each guide for on and off-target scores
5. Manually analyze selected guide for knockout effectiveness
6. Select final list of guide(s) to order
7. Copy target designs
8. Find a source for ordering guides
9. Paste target designs into source software for guide ordering

Design CRISPR Guide RNAs

I have a gene I want to knock out.
Help me design guide RNAs.


Validate CRISPR Guide RNAs

I have a guide RNA sequence.
Help me validate its performance.