CRISPRevolution Screening Libraries


Synthego’s high quality, ready-to-go CRISPRevolution Screening Libraries make CRISPR screening accessible to all researchers with industry-leading, up-front pricing.


Synthego’s CRISPRevolution platform includes predesigned, ready-to-use guide RNAs for rapid assessment of multiple targets across many genes. The application of this platform is greatly expanded by our offering of arrayed crRNA libraries, which enables unbiased, powerful functional knock-out screens.

Leveraging Synthego’s proprietary MultiTarget technology and optimized guide RNA designs, exploring and probing whole gene families and molecular pathways is now easy with CRISPRevolution Screening Libraries and custom CRISPRevolution EZ Libraries.

MultiTarget technology ensures genome screening efficiency by selecting 2 or more high-probability CRISPR sites for each gene to be knocked out. Optimized guide RNA designs ensure high on-target effects, while minimizing off-target edits.



For CRISPRevolution crRNA and sgRNA Screening Libraries and Custom CRISPRevolution EZ Libraries

Synthego’s Screening Libraries are the lowest cost screens in the industry

Multiple unique RNA targets for each gene, ensuring high confidence in phenotypic results

Gene family libraries available for Human, Drosophila and Mouse models

Custom CRISPRevolution EZ Libraries enable new gene targets and pathways at an affordable price

CRISPRevolution predesigned crRNA/tracrRNA and sgRNA are weighed against multiple algorithms to select highly functional, specific sequences for the most robust and reliable gene knock-out

Easy-to-use 96-well plates are offered for each family of genes

All crRNA libraries include optimized CRISPRevolution Synthetic tracrRNA

sgRNA libraries are ready to go!

Library Specifications

Product Type:  Fully synthetic crRNA/tracrRNA or sgRNA libraries
CRISPR genome-wide editing optimized for S. pyogenes Cas9
MultiTarget: 2 or more targets per gene
 High-Quality Liquid Chromatography SPE
Analysis Method: Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Shipping Format: Nuclease-free 96-Deep Well Plate


Human crRNA and sgRNA Libraries Gene Family # of Genes cr RNA Catalog# Price sgRNA Catalog# Order
Human CRISPRevolution Mitochondrial Genome 37 SYN-010010-CR Inquire SYN-010010-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Nuclear Receptors 52 SYN-010020-CR Inquire SYN-010020-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Tyrosine Kinases 85 SYN-010030-CR Inquire SYN-010030-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Ubiquitin Proteases 98 SYN-010040-CR Inquire SYN-010040-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Cytokine Receptors 110 SYN-010050-CR Inquire SYN-010050-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Membrane-Vesicle Trafficking 140 SYN-010060-CR Inquire SYN-010060-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Cell Division 169 SYN-010070-CR Inquire SYN-010070-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution DNA Repair 240 SYN-010080-CR Inquire SYN-010080-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Phosphatases 247 SYN-010090-CR Inquire SYN-010090-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Ion channels 345 SYN-010100-CR Inquire SYN-010100-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution G Protein-Linked Receptors 384 SYN-010110-CR Inquire SYN-010110-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Apoptosis 446 SYN-010120-CR Inquire SYN-010120-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Proteases 473 SYN-010130-CR Inquire SYN-010130-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzymes 650 SYN-010140-CR Inquire SYN-010140-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Protein Kinases 703 SYN-010150-CR Inquire SYN-010150-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Expression Factors 835 SYN-010160-CR Inquire SYN-010160-SG Inquire
Human CRISPRevolution Transcription Factors 1529 SYN-010170-CR Inquire SYN-010170-SG Inquire


Drosophila crRNA Libraries Gene Family # of Genes crRNA Catalog# Price sgRNA Catalog# Order
Drosophila CRISPRevolution Apoptosis 9 SYN-020010-CR Inquire SYN-020010-SG Inquire
Drosophila CRISPRevolution Nuclear Receptors 21 SYN-020020-CR Inquire SYN-020020-SG Inquire
Drosophila CRISPRevolution Membrane-Vesicle Trafficking 30 SYN-020030-CR Inquire SYN-020030-SG Inquire
Drosophila CRISPRevolution Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzymes 30 SYN-020040-CR Inquire SYN-020040-SG Inquire
Drosophila CRISPRevolution Tyrosine Kinases 36 SYN-020050-CR Inquire SYN-020050-SG Inquire
Drosophila CRISPRevolution Ubiquitin Proteases 45 SYN-020060-CR Inquire SYN-020060-SG Inquire
Drosophila CRISPRevolution Transcription Factors 101 SYN-020070-CR Inquire SYN-020070-SG Inquire
Drosophila CRISPRevolution G Protein-Linked Receptors 112 SYN-020080-CR Inquire SYN-020080-SG Inquire
Drosophila CRISPRevolution Phosphatases 162 SYN-020090-CR Inquire SYN-090090-SG Inquire
Drosophila CRISPRevolution Proteases 198 SYN-020100-CR Inquire SYN-020100-SG Inquire
Drosophila CRISPRevolution Ion channels 225 SYN-020110-CR Inquire SYN-020110-SG Inquire
Drosophila CRISPRevolution Protein Kinases 245 SYN-020120-CR Inquire SYN-020120-SG Inquire


Mouse crRNA Libraries Gene Family # of Genes cr RNA Catalog# Price sgRNA Catalog# Order
Mouse CRISPRevolution Nuclear Receptors 46 SYN-030010-CR Inquire SYN-030010-SG Inquire
Mouse CRISPRevolution Ubiquitin Proteases 68 SYN-030020-CR Inquire SYN-030020-SG Inquire
Mouse CRISPRevolution Tyrosine Kinases 85 SYN-030030-CR Inquire SYN-030030-SG Inquire
Mouse CRISPRevolution Cell Division 105 SYN-030040-CR Inquire SYN-030040-SG Inquire
Mouse CRISPRevolution Membrane-Vesicle Trafficking 113 SYN-030050-CR Inquire SYN-030050-SG Inquire
Mouse CRISPRevolution Cytokine Receptors 158 SYN-030060-CR Inquire SYN-030060-SG Inquire
Mouse CRISPRevolution Phosphatases 273 SYN-030070-CR Inquire SYN-030070-SG Inquire
Mouse CRISPRevolution Ion Channels 340 SYN-030080-CR Inquire SYN-030080-SG Inquire
Mouse CRISPRevolution G Protein-Linked Receptors 515 SYN-030090-CR Inquire SYN-030090-SG Inquire
Mouse CRISPRevolution Proteases 540 SYN-030100-CR Inquire SYN-030100-SG Inquire
Mouse CRISPRevolution Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzymes 591 SYN-030110-CR Inquire SYN-030110-SG Inquire
Mouse CRISPRevolution Protein Kinases 715 SYN-030120-CR Inquire SYN-030120-SG Inquire
Mouse CRISPRevolution Transcription Factors 1440 SYN-030130-CR Inquire SYN-030130-SG Inquire

Don’t See the Genes You Need?

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