CRISPRevolution Synthetic cr:tracrRNA Kit


Optimized for SpCas9, the cr:tracrRNA Kit is designed for researchers conducting basic CRISPR genome editing experiments. The CRISPR kit contains all the necessary components to successfully anneal, transfect, target and edit a gene using CRISPR/Cas9 and synthetic guide RNA.

cr:tracrRNA Format


You provide the 17-23nt target sequence that binds to the complementary DNA target sequence that is opposite to the PAM site. An optimized 22mer Linker is added on the 3′ end of your target sequence. For example, you will receive a crRNA with this format:



We have optimized the 72mer tracrRNA sequence based on S. pyogenes, and provide this with a proprietary linker to duplex with the crRNA. You do not need to provide a sequence for EZ tracrRNA.

Purity and Accuracy

With synthetic RNA you can control the exact amount of RNA for your transfection or microinjection. When forming ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes with Cas9 or Cpf1, you will get the cleanest possible edits. After transfection and genome editing have occurred, Cas9, Cpf1 and exogenous RNA will degrade, leaving everything in your cells clean and without continued expression of Cas9, Cpf1 or guide RNAs.


This chart compares real, normalized data from an electrospray ionization mass spectrometer to show the superior product quality you can expect with a CRISPRevolution Synthetic RNA Kit.


This chart shows the high cleaving efficiency of DNA when using a CRISPRevolution Synthetic RNA Kit duplexed with Cas9 nuclease in an in vitro assay.

Looking to Maximize CRISPR Editing in Your Cell Type? Try Chemically Modified Synthetic RNA.

Chemically modified synthetic sgRNAs provide superior CRISPR/Cas9 editing in primary cells, stem cells and challenging cell lines, including cancer cell lines and those of hematopoietic origin. They also provide the highest levels of editing efficiency in most immortalized cell lines, prokaryotes and plants, and are recommended for these applications. Please visit our Chemically Modified RNA page for more information.

For a chemically modified version of our synthetic RNA, we offer 2’-O-methyl analogs and 3’ phosphorothioate internucleotide linkages at the first three 5’ and 3’ terminal RNA residues. Any questions, please contact us.


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cr:tracrRNA Kit (Chemically Modified)


  • Editing Efficiency +++
  • Good Reproducibility
  • Primary and Stem Cells; Therapeutic Applications
  • 2-piece crRNA and tracrRNA
  • Your 17-23nt Target Sequence
  • Annealing Required
  • Material for 10 to 20 Transfections
  • 5 nmol by OD260 each
  • Annealing Buffer; TE Buffer
  • Nuclease-free Water
  • Ships in 3-5 Days

Optimized for S. pyogenes Cas9
Plate orders only include RNA; Cas9 and buffers can be added on the Order page.


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