The Vision

Compared to computer science, biological research methods have seen much less innovation over the past 100 years. Researchers continue to perform experiments manually using pipettes and simple instrumentation. Basic, repetitive tasks require large numbers of lab assistants or technicians and take valuable time away from the design of experiments and analysis of data. Even simple methods are difficult to perform perfectly - recent studies suggest that perhaps only 10% of published papers are reproducible. 

At Synthego we are changing that. Our team of engineers, developers, and scientists is building the software and hardware infrastructure that allows research to be done in a new way: quickly, cheaply, reproducibly, in massive parallel, and fully automated. 

Imagine a single scientist completing millions of software-driven, fully-repeatable experiments a day. Imagine globally reusable protocols and pooled results. This fundamentally transforms the way research is done and brings biology into the digital age. 



Biology 1913-2013 Comparison.png