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Synthego is a leading provider of genome engineering solutions. The company’s product portfolio includes software and synthetic RNA kits designed for CRISPR genome editing and research. With next-generation informatics and machine learning, Synthego’s vision is to bring precision and automation to genome engineering, enabling rapid and cost-effective research with consistent results for every scientist.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Synthego customers include leading institutions in over 32 countries around the world, 8 of the world’s 10 largest biotechnology companies, and 24 of the top 25 global biology universities.

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Our Vision

Synthego’s vision is to turn biology into an information science, with the ultimate goal of dramatically extending the healthy human lifespan.

Synthego builds advanced bioinformatics and automated hardware platforms to create next-generation molecular biology tools, starting with full-stack genome engineering.

These world-class tools accelerate basic scientific discovery, critical disease cures and novel synthetic biology applications to improve and prolong life.

Our Team

Engineering and science are at the heart of Synthego. Our team includes former employees of organizations like SpaceX and NASA, as well as experienced veterans in the biotech, manufacturing and hi-tech industries.

We love working with multi-disciplinary visionaries who have completed awesome projects and can convert ideas into reality.

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