Why Synthetic RNA?


The benefits of synthetic RNA over plasmid-derived or in vitro transcribed (IVT) guides include faster transfection readiness, greater accuracy and consistency, less laboratory time and lower labor costs. Because synthetic RNA is 100% DNA-free, there’s no risk of integrating foreign DNA into cell lines.

There is no need to design, construct, sequence verify and purify plasmid DNA for every guide you want to test. And there’s no need to spend hours working with expensive IVT kits.

Synthetic RNA has the advantage, particularly when forming a ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex, of improving editing efficiency and consistency while reducing off-target effects.

The Benefits of Synthetic RNA


Compared to plasmid-based RNA guides, there is no need to design, construct, sequence verify and purify plasmid DNA for every guide you want to test. And there’s no need to spend precious lab hours working with expensive IVT kits.


Consistently pure RNA synthesis results in consistent CRISPR genome editing. By controlling the quality and exact amount of RNA for your transfection or microinjection, the highest on-target editing efficiency can be achieved.


When forming RNP complexes with Cas9, you will get the cleanest possible edits. After transfection and genome editing have occurred, Cas9 and exogenous RNA will degrade. The probability of off-target effects are greatly reduced.


Synthetic RNA offers an unbeatable price point when compared to the cost (and labor) of preparing guide RNA through plasmid or IVT methods. Synthego can synthesize cr/tracrRNA and sgRNA at smaller scales than anyone else in the industry – meaning you only pay for what you need.

High Throughput

Synthetic RNA offers the kind of scalability not feasible with other traditional guide RNA generation techniques. Synthetic RNA allows you to order libraries of thousands of guide RNAs to test – avoid huge amounts labor and cost involved in creating guides using plasmids or IVT for high throughput applications!

Easy to Use

Once a target sequence has been selected it’s easy to order RNA oligos through our online portal – which makes it as simple to order RNA for a single target as it does for a hundred. Once you click order, just sit back, relax and wait for your lyophilized RNA to show up in a few days.

Synthego Synthetic RNA vs. Plasmid and IVT

Synthego Plasmid in vitro Transcription (IVT)
Guide Creation Process 1. Select target sequence
2. Order synthetic RNA
1. Select target sequence
2. Design/order DNA primers
3. PCR guide into plasmid
4. Transform into cells
5. Screen cells
6. Sequence verify plasmid
7. Purify plasmid DNA
1. Select target sequence
2. Design/order DNA primers
3. Assemble guide by PCR
4. Perform IVT
5. Purify guide RNA
Time to Transfection Ready on arrival 1-2 weeks 1-3 days
Labor Time in Lab Minutes Days of lab work Full day of lab work
Editing Efficiency Up to 90% Medium to high Variable
Guide Quality Very High Variable; depends on preparation Low; known for impurities and inconsistency
Primary & Stem Cell Efficiency Very High Inefficient Inefficient
Off-target Effects Very Low Variable; possibility of DNA integration into host genome Variable; possibility of IVT enzyme errors in target sequence

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