Gene Knockout Kit

Guaranteed 50% or Greater Editing in Any Human Cell Line


CRISPR is widely used for creating knockout cell lines for research.

Synthego’s Gene Knockout Kit elevates and simplifies your experience in generating a knockout human cell line. With a money-back guarantee on high editing efficiency combined with superior guide design, you can now start your CRISPR project with complete confidence!


Some of the challenges that limit the widespread use of CRISPR as a genome engineering tool is the lack of easy-to-use design software and availability of guide RNAs that provide consistent editing efficiency. Synthego’s Gene Knockout Kit with guaranteed minimum 50% editing solves these challenges with an easier workflow by eliminating complications of guide RNA design and construction while providing speed, confidence and reproducibility to your gene knockout project. Work faster, discover quicker and elevate your science!


Confidence in Editing

Fast & Reproducible


The Synthego Gene Knockout Kit is the only product that offers a guaranteed editing efficiency with CRISPR or your money back! Get 50% of greater editing efficiency for at least one of the guide RNAs targeting your gene.* The GKO also includes a list of PCR primers and experimental protocols, which will help give your experiment the best possible chance of success.

Implement in any lab without prior CRISPR experience

Highly consistent editing results from experiment to experiment

Cost Effective
Minimize repeats & failures with guaranteed results

Delivery of complete kit within 7-10 days

* Valid when your positive control sgRNA targeting RELA gives an editing efficiency of 50% or greater.

Get Your Gene Knockout Kit

Searching across 19,817 protein-coding genes in the human genome for CRISPR knockout guides.


Kit Components

Quantity Component
4 x 600 pmol (20 µg) Target-specific sgRNA, modified
1 x 600 pmol (20 µg) Human RELA sgRNA, modified (positive control)
1 x 20 µL Human RELA Primer Mix (10 µM)
1 x 20 µL Human RELA Sequencing Primer (10 µM)
1.5 mL Nuclease-free Tris-EDTA Buffer
1.5 mL Nuclease-free Water
1 x 300 pmol Cas9 2NLS Nuclease

High Editing Efficiencies With the Gene Knockout Kit

HEK293 Cells


Jurkat Cells


Four guide RNAs were designed per gene to knockout 9 kinases across the human genome. These were constructed as chemically modified synthetic sgRNA and electroporated into either HEK293 cells or Jurkat cells. The DNA from the resulting pool of cells was analyzed by TIDE analysis, demonstrating a high editing efficiency across the board with at least one guide per gene for every gene tested, giving greater than 50% editing efficiency (red line denotes 50% editing efficiency). This demonstrates the high efficiency with which guides designed and constructed within the Gene Knockout Kit perform.

Gene Knockout Kit Pricing

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Gene Knockout Kit


  • 4 Target-specific Modified sgRNAs
  • Positive Control Reagents
  • Cas9 2NLS Nuclease
  • PCR Primers Report & Protocols
  • Ships in 7-10 Days